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    1. Our 24” Diameter Standard tunnels have been showcased in dog agility trials, Regionals, Nationals and competition rings throughout Canada and the USA.
    1. Standard 24” diameter competition grade tunnel
    2. 16 oz PVC fabric that is UV resistant to fading, weatherproof, mildew and rot resistant
    3. 4” or 6” coil pitch. Pitch refers to the spacing of the wire ribbing.
    4. Please note: The AAC does not distinguish between coil pitch. However, the USDAA requires 4” pitch for competition.
    5. Standard lengths available are 10’, 15’ and 20’.
    6. We will manufacture special lengths at our customer’s request. Please contact us at for a price quote on special orders.
    7. All manufacturing components of our dog agility tunnels are made in Canada.
    8. Schauenburg Industries Ltd. warranties against defects in workmanship and materials. Some restrictions apply.

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