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SACS DE SELLE - Forestube



    1. For added stability Saddle Bags are placed at the entrance, middle and exit of the tunnel to secure the tunnel from rolling.
    1. For added safety our 6” wide joining strap rests on the spiral ribbing and will not compress the tunnel.
    2. Saddle Bags are fully adjustable and can be used on all tunnel diameters manufactured at our facility.
    3. Complete with carrying handle straps.
    4. Saddle Bags can be filled with a bag of sand or water to weigh them down.
    5. We recommend 2 pair per tunnel (1 pair at the entrance / 1 pair at the exit of the tunnel). For the 20 foot tunnels many customers are now placing a pair in the middle of the tunnel for added stability.
    6. Manufactured in the same PVC material as our Traditional tunnels our Saddle Bags are UV resistant to fading, weatherproof, mildew and rot resistant as well.
    7. Available in all colors.

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